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Black Friday Fantasy Book Savings!

Travel to a new world of myth and adventure

Oh my oh my how I’ve been looking forward to this. If you’ve been planning to get the Rucksack Universe for someone on your gift list, there’s no better time than now to save big on e-books, signed paperbacks, and book bundles! These Black Friday savings are good through Nov. 30, so you can save all weekend and on Cyber Monday too!

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FOREVER THE ROAD is a Fantasy Best Book of 2015

FOREVER THE ROAD - 2015 Self-Published E-book Award Winner from SELF-e and Library Journal

I just got some pretty incredible news.

Which I’ll preface by saying, so, I’m not much of a winner.

I was never much for athletics. I did pretty well at public speaking in high school, and did some decent placing in forensics competitions for things like live readings. But I’ve never won contests or awards. Heck, I don’t even care for going to Las Vegas or buying a lottery ticket, because I’m about as good at gambling as a footstool is at astrophysics.

But all that said, I just won something.

Library Journal is a major US trade publication that librarians use for figuring out books to add to their collections. The LJ has a new service called SELF-e, which helps indie authors like me gain broader access to libraries for e-books. As part of the setup process, I also entered my 3 e-books (The Martini of Destiny, Home Sweet Road, and Forever the Road) in a free competition for their 2015 Self-Published Ebook Awards.

And I just got word that FOREVER THE ROAD won Fantasy Honorable Mention.

Forever the Road, Rucksack Universe Book #3

It’s not first prize, but I’ll take it with glee. It’s validation. It’s a nod from the industry. And I gotta say, it still feels pretty darn good.

Speaking of the Fantasy category, you should also check out the other Honorable Mention, Shelbi Wescott’s After Life, and winner Dave Ferraro’s Yokai. I’ve already snagged samples for my Kindle. The other 3 genre categories were Science Fiction, Romance, and Mystery, and be sure to check out and support those authors too.

Of course, if you or someone you know is interested in FOREVER THE ROAD, you can snag an e-book or signed trade paperback copy here.

Thank you for being along with me on this journey… and here’s to what’s next on the way.

November 2015 Craft Beer Articles

AleSong Brewing—new barrel-aging & blending brewery coming soon to Eugene!

Photo by AJ McGarry for Oregon Beer Growler

Thirsty for craft beer news, especially the scene around western Oregon? Here are some of my articles for November 2015:

Lane Monthly Magazine

Filling the Festival Void – Lane Monthly

McKenzie Cider & Craft Beer celebrates its fourth festival! On Nov. 13–14, over 5,000 people will enjoy 190 beers and ciders at the McKenzie Cider & Craft Beer Festival (MCCBF). Presented by the McKenzie After 5 and Springfield Rotary Clubs and held at Springfield’s Willamalane Center, MCCBF showcases regional beers and ciders to the benefit of local community organizations and Rotary Club projects. More…

The Register-Guard

McMenamins still has fresh legs after a million kegs of craft beer – Tastings – The Register-Guard

The influential chain of brewpubs, now 30 years old, serves up distinctively different bestselling beers that endure in an ever-more competitive market. More…

Oregon Beer Growler

Matt Van Wyk, Coombs Brothers Launch AleSong – Oregon Beer Growler (print edition, p. 14)

After six years as brewmaster for Eugene-based Oakshire Brewing, Matt Van Wyk (left) has resigned and joined forces with two brothers, Brian and Doug Coombs, to begin a new venture. AleSong Brewing and Blending will focus on barrel-aged and farmhouse beers, with plans to begin selling product in 2016. More…

OSU Prepares Students for Life “Beyond Football” – Oregon Beer Growler (print edition, p. 12 & 23)

Oregon State University’s Beyond Football program was created in 2013 to help student-athletes identify their interests and skills by connecting them with professionals in a range of industries, including craft beer. More…

In the print edition of the November 2015 Oregon Beer Growler, you’ll find the stories above as well as these:

  • New Head Brewer Named at Oakshire, p. 4
  • Oregon Brewing’s Living Past: The Art of Beer, p. 13
  • Gate Spans Two Breweries and Two Coasts, p. 15

Windfall Reading Series: Susan Denning & Evan Williams, Nov. 17, 2015, Eugene

Windfall Reading Series

As a member of the Lane Literary Guild, I love that Eugene has so much happening in its poetry and literary scene. Each month at the Eugene Public Library, featured poets and authors share their works with the public as part of the FREE Windfall Reading Series.

Lane Literary Guild2015-2016 Windfall Readings are held on the third Tuesday of the month, 5:30–7 p.m. The Eugene Public Library is at 10th and Olive in downtown Eugene.

Windfall Readers: Nov. 17, 2015

  • Susan Denning
  • Evan Williams

The Windfall project is made possible with support from City of Eugene Cultural Services. Other Windfall sponsors are the Lane Literary Guild, Eugene Public Library, Friends of the Eugene Public Library, and the Eugene Public Library Foundation.

Lane Monthly: McKenzie Cider & Craft Beer Festival is Filling the Festival Void

Raise a glass at the McKenzie Cider and Craft Beer Festival

New article in Lane Monthly Magazine’s November 2015 edition:

On Nov. 13–14, over 5,000 people will enjoy 190 beers and ciders at the McKenzie Cider & Craft Beer Festival (MCCBF). Presented by the McKenzie After 5 and Springfield Rotary Clubs and held at Springfield’s Willamalane Center, MCCBF showcases regional beers and ciders to the benefit of local community organizations and Rotary Club projects…

Source: Lane Monthly | Filling the Festival Void

FOREVER THE ROAD nominated for 2016 Oregon Book Award

60 fiction books are being considered for 2016 Oregon Book Awards

FOREVER THE ROAD is one of 60 novels being considered for a 2016 Oregon Book Award.

Oregon Book Awards finalists will be announced early next year, and winners will be announced at the Oregon Book Awards Ceremony in spring 2016.

Cross your fingers…

Source: Books Submitted to the 2016 Oregon Book Awards | Literary Arts

Willamette Valley-Inspired Beers Made By Walking, Nov. 5, Eugene

Beers Made by Walking - Eugene beers

8 Beers Inspired by the Southern Willamette Valley in Eugene

Beers Made By Walking (BMBW) invites brewers to create place-based beers inspired by plants found on nature walks. The first-ever Eugene-focused BMBW beer tapping event features 8 beers/ciders that were inspired by natural areas in the Eugene/Springfield area. The event takes place on November 5, beginning at 6pm, at the Bier Stein in Eugene.

The hike-inspired beers and cider come directly from a collaboration with the McKenzie River Trust, which sent experts to lead public, summer hikes with brewers on three conservation areas in the southern Willamette Valley. Brewers learned about private land conservation and water resources in the area, in addition to native and invasive plants. The brewers have been challenged to create a beer or cider that represents the trails they walked.

Beer list

Agrarian Ales – Close to Home
Yarrow centric with several other herbs that call the Willamette River floodplain home. Yarrow in the kettle, in the fermenter to inoculate culture, and in the keg. 8 IBU, 5% ABV

Claim 52 Brewing – Conservation Sour
Inspired by a walk through the Berggren Watershed Conservation Area. While enamored with all the property had to give we drew particular interest in the fresh scent of lemon balm, the taste and flavor of mustard seed to the natural habits plethora of pollinating plants. Which in the end drew us to concoct Conservation Sour incorporating lemon balm, mustard seed, honey, and hops. 5 IBU, 5.3% ABV

Elk Horn Brewery – Twisted Wood Belgian Saison
Orange colored Belgian Saison brewed with invasive fennel. 35 IBU, 7% ABV

Falling Sky Brewing
Official Melissa Lemon Balm Pale Ale. 40 IBU, 6.1% ABV

Oakshire Brewing – Down by The River
Brett fermented farmhouse ale with Chamomile and Lemon Balm. 29 IBU, 5% ABV

Plank Town Brewing – Foggy Scotsman Porter with Chocolate & Rosemary
Scottish-style porter with complex malty aromas of dark chocolate, honey, ripe figs, coffee and a hint of smokiness, with an extra chocolate backbone that dances lovely with rosemary. 25 IBU, 5.2%

Viking Braggot Co. – Panacea
Belgian Dubbel style braggot made with additions of elderberry, elder flower, blackberry honey and bee pollen. 25 IBU, 7.5% ABV

Wildcraft Cider Works – Confluence Stingo
A collaborative project with the Hagen family of Confluence Farms. Every ingredient used in its making was harvested from the property, by the family. Whole fermented Blueberries pressed and blended with a knapp weed and pennyroyal wine added to a neutral oak barrel for a secondary fermentation with a juice pressed of Gravenstein and Macintosh apples. 6.7% ABV

Each brewery is donating their unique beer and cider for this event. The proceeds will support the McKenzie River Trust’s work to help people protect and care for the lands and rivers they cherish in western Oregon.

The Bier Stein is located at 1591 Willamette St, Eugene, OR 97401.

Read This: STATION ELEVEN, Emily St. John Mandel

Confession: I’m only part of the way through this book. However, between Station Eleven being a 2014 National Book Award Finalist, a New York Times Bestseller, and a Sword and Laser book pick, I was elated to finally start reading this. (Ironically enough, one downside of writing your own books can be a dearth of time to read other people’s.)

However, I had to make Station Eleven this month’s pick. Over and over I’ve heard that while the fantastical or sci-fi elements are light, the story is compelling. And it is. The clarity, imagery and starkness of St. Mandel’s style is leaving me breathless. There is a yearning and a longing in every sentence, and it leaves you compulsively reading because you so, so want these post-flu-apocalypse folks to come out okay.

So it’s simple: read this book. Or forever want to.

Get Station Eleven at Amazon

MystiCon, Feb. 26-28, 2016, Roanoke, VA


One of the Southeast US’s top science fiction and fantasy conventions returns for a sold-out year! I’ll be appearing at Roanoke, VA’s MystiCon, alongside some fantastic names:

As a co-signer of author John Scalzi’s Convention Harassment Policy, I’m also glad that MystiCon has a good behavior and harassment policy in place.

I can hardly wait for this event. If you’ve already gotten your MystiCon ticket, I’ll see you there. If not, I’m afraid the convention recently sold out of all its tickets.

Fantasy novels: LOTUS update

Image: Dale

Image: Dale

Editing continues on the fourth Rucksack Universe book. My Chief Reader and I are almost done with the manuscript and notes. From there the text goes to my copy editor so he can fix all remaining things I have wrong. (Well, not all of them—I can only ask but so much :)

2 other things to tell you…

1. I’m no longer planning the release for Nov. 3.

The changes I’m making in the book are making a stronger, compelling story, but it’s also taking me longer than I planned. This is also something I can chalk up to experience: from now on, I will only set a release date once the manuscript is polished, final, and set in stone. Once LOTUS is to that point, I will tell you the new release date. Thanks for being patient with me.

2. The title!

It’s also time to retire the codename. A while back, I showed people online a list of 5 titles and asked which one they thought the most intriguing.

Across the board, in every instance, one title not only won out, it blew all the others away. I’ve decided that people’s choice title is the title of the fourth Rucksack Universe novel.

So here it is…

The next Rucksack Universe book is…


More about the book coming soon!


Anthony St. Clair - Travel Fantasy Author / Craft Beer Writer / Business Copywriter

Author and copywriter Anthony St. Clair has specialized in online content since 2000, blogged since 2004 and is the author of the Rucksack Universe travel fantasy series.

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