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What books are on your summer reading list this year?

Here are a few of the books on my summer reading list…

Pirate Women: The Princesses, Prostitutes, and Privateers Who Ruled the Seven Seas, by Laura Sook Duncombe

Glass Houses (Three Pines/Inspector Gamache), by Louise Penny

Everyday Lakota: An English-Sioux Dictionary for Beginners

Kiwis Might Fly: A New Zealand Adventure, by Polly Evans

Honeymoon with My Brother, by Franz Wisner

Read This: STATION ELEVEN, Emily St. John Mandel

Confession: I’m only part of the way through this book. However, between Station Eleven being a 2014 National Book Award Finalist, a New York Times Bestseller, and a Sword and Laser book pick, I was elated to finally start reading this. (Ironically enough, one downside of writing your own books can be a dearth of time to read other people’s.)

However, I had to make Station Eleven this month’s pick. Over and over I’ve heard that while the fantastical or sci-fi elements are light, the story is compelling. And it is. The clarity, imagery and starkness of St. Mandel’s style is leaving me breathless. There is a yearning and a longing in every sentence, and it leaves you compulsively reading because you so, so want these post-flu-apocalypse folks to come out okay.

So it’s simple: read this book. Or forever want to.

Get Station Eleven at Amazon

Book/Movie Picks: Sept. 25, 1987, As You Wish & The Princess Bride

This month marks a very important date: on Sept. 25, 1987, The Princess Bride debuted.

Odds are you’ve seen the movie or read the book. You probably know all about the 6-fingered man, and Buttercup the girl to be who didn’t want to be a princess. You know about the man in black. And how to best a Sicilian in a battle of wits. And, of course, you probably know one of the movie’s most memorable lines:

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

Pardon me while I recite that a few times.


Even if you don’t know all this, you likely know enough now to be adding the movie to your cart or queue. (It’s okay. I’ll wait.)

But what you may not know is that Cary Elwes, who played Wesley in the movie, has come out with a book called As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride.

As You Wish is a fun romp of how Cary Elwes came up as an actor, how he wound up on the project, and what it took to do that famous duel with Mandy Patinkin’s Inigo Montoya.

My favorite story, though, is when Elwes talks about when Count Rugin hits him over the head with a sword hilt—and what it took to make that look so real. Trust me, you’ll flinch.

So, in honor of The Princess Bride coming out, snag yourself the film and a copy of Elwes’s As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride.

I promise they’ll be more fun than a glass of wine dosed with iocaine powder.

June Fantasy Book Pick: AMERICAN GODS Released 14 Years Ago

Get American Gods at AmazonOne of the USA’s top fantasy books, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods was released 14 years ago in 2001. It’s a tale of mythology, and of a man just trying to get by and redeem himself after being released from prison—and after abruptly becoming a widower.

American Gods remains one of Gaiman’s most popular and acclaimed books. I cannot wait to re-read it to remind myself of how much he has influenced fantasy and my own style.

American Gods at Amazon »

My First Essay Contest – Powell’s Books – Celebrating 10 Years Online – A Decade of Reading Essay Contest (Aug 31 deadline has already passed)

“Should I give it a go?” I asked my girlfriend.

“Uh, DUH!” she replied. Well, that settled that.

Finalists Announced Sept. 25
My essay on “most memorable reading experience of the last ten years” is now in the hands of Powell’s staff. On Sept. 25 they will announce 25 finalists. From there, the readers/customers of will choose the grand prize winner ($1,000 in books) and the 10 runner-ups ($100 in books for each).

I’ll post the link once the essays go up, though mousing will be difficult with my fingers crossed.

What can you read about on here?

Thank you Jon Meyers for asking what I’m going to be writing about.

A feature of blogs is that you can set up categories to organize your ramblings. Once there’s a post under that category, you can look at any and every post in that category. Here are categories now on or coming soon to AntSaint:

  • Beer & Wine
  • Books & Reviews
  • Coffee
  • Daily Miscellany
  • Food & Recipes
  • One Word, 60 Seconds
  • Stuff I Use
  • Stuff I Want to Read
  • Travel
  • Web/Tech
  • Weblogs
  • Work
  • Writing

This will change over time, of course. Categories are in the right-side bar on every page. Enjoy, and let me know if there’s anything you want to hear about.

So It Begins

What this blog is
If you’re interested in books, travel, writing, food, coffee and quirky perspectives on the world, then you’ll find something here worth sticking around for. is about anything from writing novels to backpacking through Asia, from a good microbrew porter to an average day on the range in my home of Eugene, Oregon.

There’ll be off-the-cuff smarty-pants remarks, and some serious musings. There’ll be reflections on ol’ day-to-day life, and overall curiosity about the world and its general nuttiness. There’ll be links and book reviews, photos and lots and lots of stuff that I can’t yet even imagine.

What it’s not
What there will not be is endless why-blog?-navel-gazing (it’s like writing a novel about why people write novels) or eye-glazing second-by-second retellings of my day (Oatmeal. With chocolate chips. Wore my red shirt to the office. Remembered pants, but just barely).

I hate that crap. If I lapse into this rot, slap me (antsaint at myway dot com). I’ll thank you in a post.

Why it’s here
I’ve set up this site for a few reasons –

  • It’s good practice. AntSaint is personal and professional. I’m a writer and editor by trade, and there are projects I’m working on that I need a website for, both now and down the road.
  • It’s the 21st century – not having a website is like not having a phone number.
  • I have something to say, even if I don’t know what it is until it catches my attention and doesn’t let go.
  • What I have to say will be different. At least, people around me say that I look at things, and talk about them, a tad on the out-there side. I’ll just post and spout, and we’ll see what happens.
  • It’s fun. ‘Nuff said.
  • I’m hoping that the end-but-ongoing result will be some good, not-too-clean fun. Have a good time, thanks for coming around, and if you’ve got 2 cents to add to my 2 cents, leave a comment or send it to antsaint at myway dot com.


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