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Fantasy author and beer writer Anthony St. Clair has walked with hairy coos in the Scottish Highlands, choked on seafood in Australia, and watched the full moon rise over Mt. Everest in Tibet. The creator of the ongoing Rucksack Universe series, Anthony has traveled the sights and beers of Thailand, Japan, India, Canada, Ireland, the USA, Cambodia, China and Nepal. He and his wife (Suzuki music teacher Jodie St. Clair) live in Eugene, Oregon, and gave their kids passports when they were babies.

Anthony St. Clair Signing Books

Looking for Anthony at an event? Keep an eye out for his distinctive Rucksack Universe t-shirts.

Anthony is best known for his Rucksack Universe books. This non-sequential series combines elements of urban fantasy, indie travel, magical realism, and alternate history. The stories are told in the spirit of Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, and Tom Robbins. Four books are currently available worldwide in e-book and trade paperback formats:

A prequel, Roadsong, and the fifth book, codenamed Wet, are currently in development.

Enjoying a brown ale in Vancouver, BC

Enjoying a brown ale in Vancouver, BC

From business copywriting to craft beer features, travel writing to food blogging, Anthony has also worked as a copywriter and online copy specialist since 2000. From 2011-2014, Anthony served as the co-chair of the Mid-Valley Chapter of Willamette Writers, Oregon’s largest writers organization, and now holds the title of “Co-Chair Emeritus.” As a beer writer, Anthony specializes in the craft beers, breweries, and taphouses of Oregon’s beautiful and bountiful Willamette Valley. His insightful articles appear in publications including The Register-Guard, Eugene Magazine, the Oregon Beer Growler, Oregon Business, and more.

According to Anthony’s wife, friends, and relatives, he is also an excellent cook and homebrewer.



Anthony St. Clair

Among the blossoming cherry trees in Kyoto, Japan.

  • Scotland (Edinburgh, Inner Hebrides, Outer Hebrides, Glasgow, Inverness)
  • Ireland (Dublin, Galway, Clifden, Connemara, Aran Islands)
  • India (Benares/Varanasi, Kolkata/Calcutta, Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai/Bombay, Agra, New Delhi)
  • Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Chang, Nan, Trat)
  • Cambodia (Siem Reap, Angkor Wat/Angkor Thom)
  • Hong Kong
  • China (Kunming, Lijiang, Chengdu)
  • Tibet (Lhasa, Shugatse,Lhatse, Mt. Everest Base Camp)
  • Nepal (Kathmandu)
  • Australia (Queensland)
  • Canada (British Columbia)
  • Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka, Matsumoto, Yokohama)
  • USA (Oregon, Washington, northern California, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York)

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