Press Release: Fantasy Novel Travels to the Heart of a Smiling Fire

Third Rucksack Universe Book, Forever the Road, Available Sept. 8, 2014

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Eugene, OR – Travel. Destiny. Beer. Three travelers in India battle their hearts and their destinies as an awakened evil prepares to destroy all life. The third book in Anthony St. Clair’s ongoing, non-sequential Rucksack Universe fantasy series, Forever the Road is available for pre-order at select stores. This fantasy novel will be released worldwide as an e-book and trade paperback on Sept. 8, 2014.

Forever the Road takes the world to a pivotal moment of destruction or renewal,” says St. Clair. “Yet this story, like travel and like life, is ultimately about connection: our longing to connect with others, and what happens when we don’t.”

Set in the fictional city of Agamuskara—which means “smiling fire” in Hindi—the book tells us more of the story of Jay (the world’s greatest traveler), Faddah Rucksack (the world’s only Himalayan-Irish sage), and the mysterious more-than-a-bartender Jade Agamuskara Bluegold. Forever the Road has been described as a seamless blend of “an intimate story of friendship and romance with an epic, mythological tale on the scale of Tolkien.”

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Review copies available on request in paperback, .epub, .mobi, and .pdf.

The 100 Days to Forever release campaign launched May 31. Fans and readers can be part of the launch journey and learn more about the book and the series via website, blog, and social media content. More at and the #100DaysToForever hashtag on Twitter and other social networks.

About the book: 442 pages. Travel. Destiny. Beer. The world’s greatest traveler never thought he’d be staying put.

Jay had planned to move on after marking Agamuskara, India, off his list of places to see. Then two strange men steal his passport, and the long-roaming loner stays in Agamuskara to find it. After years of globetrotting with no companion but his trusty big backpack, Jay befriends the stout-quaffing, ever-grinning Faddah Rucksack, the world’s only Himalayan-Irish sage. Now Jay finds himself being steered toward an unknown fate by a man who lost his own destiny long ago.

No Jake or Jade is better than Jade Agamuskara Bluegold at slinging drinks, destinies, and decisions. Yet after spending ten years helping The Management keep the world turning, the solitary, mysterious bartender at the pub at Everest Base Camp has begun to doubt the life she chose over another path. When Jade’s uneasy friendship with Rucksack leads her to help him unravel the mystery at the heart of the city, Jade finds her loyalties changing in ways she never could have imagined.

When the bartender and the backpacker meet, forces are set in motion that won’t just change the world forever—they might end it. Then Jay accidentally awakens an ancient evil, and only Jay, Rucksack, and Jade stand between it and its terrible purpose: destroying all life in a smiling fire.

Sample quotations (more available for use in the Forever the Road Media Kit)

  • “The road isn’t what you walk. The road is where it takes you.”
  • “The trouble with being me is there’s always trouble.”
  • “I learned to love my solitude, and I keep my rules simple: Don’t get too close. Don’t stay too long. Leave when the time is right. Never look back.”
  • “The price of demanding answers is being strong enough to accept them.”
  • “Raise those pints. There’s no such thing as the sound of one glass clinking.”
  • “The choice is what the choice always has been and always will be. Life or death. Continuance or final destruction. Yes or no.”
  • “I’d hate to be late. It could be our own funerals, after all.”

The Rucksack Universe is the exciting world of wit, adventure, and beer that fans call “buoyant with a unique humor, twist and focus on international travel,” and “perfect for fans of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.” Readers say:

  • “Anthony seamlessly combines quirk, wit, travel, and magic”
  • “marvelously evocative writing”
  • “a vivid world that seems both plausible and beyond the realm of possibility”

Live the World! About Anthony St. Clair
Anthony St. Clair has walked with hairy coos in the Scottish Highlands, choked on seafood in Australia, and watched the full moon rise over Mt. Everest in Tibet. Anthony’s travels have also taken him around the sights and beers of Thailand, Japan, India, Canada, Ireland, the USA, Cambodia, China and Nepal. He and his wife live in Oregon and gave their son a passport for his first birthday. More at


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