Seth’s Blog: Three kinds of blogs

Enter the bean counters… Blogs have now been around long enough for people to want to categorize them. Seth Godin takes a crack at it, and suggest there are three kinds of blogs — news, writer’s, and “our”. What is this site? Definitely not news. Not really. And certainly not community. It’s a “writer’s blog”. … Read more

What to do in web design –

Received an email this morning from the company’s highest-up (well, via my manager, but close enough). He was lauding for its clean design. Looking through it, I’ve been grinning, nodding my head and all but drooling in my coffee. I’m impressed. It’s gorgeous and useable, 2 things that should go hand in hand in … Read more

WOLves: The Ultimate Secret of Getting Your Blog Noticed

There are many ideas out there for building an audience and getting your blog to the right places so you get noticed. I’m stashing these tips and lists for future use, but for now, I’m in no hurry to start exposing myself (not while I’m sober, anyway). Here are some other tips… along with a … Read more

The hook project

First lines are like first impressions — they mean everything. Within the first line or paragraph of a book — a page if the author’s lucky or you’re feeling patient — you decide whether or not to bother. Bother with this collection of first lines: Opening Hooks, the hook project?welcome Featured in Yahoo! Picks … Read more

Micro Persuasion: An RSS Hack for Sites That Don’t Offer Feeds

Interesting idea, if you really are just that obsessed with not adding a link to your Favorites: Micro Persuasion: An RSS Hack for Sites That Don’t Offer Feeds Since adopting RSS (via Pluck I have found that some sites I don’t visit as often either, but still. How can a hack beat a click?

Gimme a ticket for an airplane

“Ain’t got time to take a fast train. Lonely days are gone, I’m a’going’ home, My baby just a-wrote me a letter.” (The Boxtops) Tonight at 7:40, I leave Eugene for Long Island, NY, where I’m staying a week with my girlfriend Claudia. Won’t be blogging, though I will set some stuff to go up … Read more

Lunchtime Workout

Hate gyms, don’t have the time, can’t be bothered with the expense… but want to exercise and keep in better shape? Use part of your lunch break… or just any block of 20-30 minutes in your day:

Lunchtime Workout

“Just follow this simple lunchtime workout plan and you’ll be able to maintain a healthy body and still have time to do the things you enjoy before and after work.”

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