Lunchtime Workout

Hate gyms, don’t have the time, can’t be bothered with the expense… but want to exercise and keep in better shape? Use part of your lunch break… or just any block of 20-30 minutes in your day:

Lunchtime Workout

“Just follow this simple lunchtime workout plan and you’ll be able to maintain a healthy body and still have time to do the things you enjoy before and after work.”

Pushups and crunches
The workout focuses on 3 different types of pushups, and also advises on what you can do for lower body and cardio. Don’t forgets the abs.

Here’s my Lunchtime Workout routine:

  • Bike to/from the office (5-6 miles each way)
  • Stretch (neck, arms, fingers, legs)
  • 3 sets of pushups (1 set Basic Pushups, 1 set Close-Grip Pushups, 1 set Wide-Grip Pushups, with a few deep breaths between each)
  • 1 set crunches
  • Have some water
  • Repeat 2 more times
  • Eat a well-earned lunch, despite trouble lifting fork
  • Relax

Start small and keep at it
How many reps you do is up to you. Start small and build slowly, but try to do 3 days a week (I do Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I started at 5 pushups per set, and am now up to 8, and 15 crunches per set (now 20).

What seems to work pretty well for me, is I do one week at the same number of reps. The following week I start to up it. Monday, add one rep each to the first set (except crunches, add 5). Wednesday, add to the second set too. Friday, all three sets are at the new number of reps — this also means the body also has the weekend to rest up and rebuild. On Monday, I’m at the new number.

Keep tabs too. When you get frustrated (and you will), or just wonder if this crap’s doing any good at all, it helps to look back and go, “Well, now that I see this, I see that in just a couple of months I’ve upped things from 5 to 10!” or whatever your progress is. It’s gradual… but it pays off, gradually.

I’m not going to be Arnie anytime soon. That’s quite fortunate for me, as I would prefer not to look like a sapling covered in watermelons. But I feel healthier, I look a little more cut (no really, a little), and I’m more fit. It’s the doing something that matters.

It’s a good workout, and it gets results (as long as you keep with it, of course). Give it a whirl, and save your gym money for a celebratory night-out once you can see your triceps asserting themselves.

Check out the Lunchtime Workout

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