Seth’s Blog: Three kinds of blogs

Enter the bean counters… Blogs have now been around long enough for people to want to categorize them. Seth Godin takes a crack at it, and suggest there are three kinds of blogs — news, writer’s, and “our”.

What is this site? Definitely not news. Not really. And certainly not community. It’s a “writer’s blog”. Godin describes his in similar terms:

“These are blogs that while they occasionally riff about today’s news, are mostly an opportunity for the writer to engage in an extended monologue. The monologue is influenced by reader feedback and new happenings, so it’s a lot more interactive than a book, but it certainly isn’t a conversation.”

While interesting, none of this categorization really matters. It’s something I’ll think about now and again, as I work on this site and others, but it’s the site and not the category that matter.

What does matter however, has more to do with time, process and progress — categorization follows mainstream, and blogs are no longer just fringe children.

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