WOLves: The Ultimate Secret of Getting Your Blog Noticed

There are many ideas out there for building an audience and getting your blog to the right places so you get noticed. I’m stashing these tips and lists for future use, but for now, I’m in no hurry to start exposing myself (not while I’m sober, anyway). Here are some other tips… along with a jazzy get-your-blood-pumping headline:

WOLves: The Ultimate Secret of Getting Your Blog Noticed

As I look other pieces like this, I start to wonder: Is there a plan to AntSaint? No, of course not. Never. And if there were, well, there might be some questions and goals involved such as (not that there are, mind you, but there could be)…

  • What do I want to accomplish via AntSaint?
  • Do I want to try to make money off this site? If so, how?
  • What do I want my focus to be? Do I want to try to be an expert on something? Do I want to follow the news and just serve up links and maybe some commentary? Or do I want to really flex my imagination, and really put the “original” into “original content”?

As ideas firm up — not that I have a plan for this or anything — then when I start to try to seek an audience, I want to be a bit more ready for whoever finds me. But we’ll see what happens — blogs, like anything else, are always a work in progress. There are many things to do, many things I could do, many things I will never get around to. And this site may never see a big audience. It probably won’t.

But I’ll still be telling the world about it, sooner or later.

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