Posted by Anthony St. Clair on oneword October 31, 2004 07:56 PM There was a gleam in her eyes, a new look or at least one he had only noticed now. Had it all been a cover before, a something she hid lest he see what there was or what she had been hoping? But … Read more

Cheap but good business cards

There have been 2 business-related occasions recently where I should send out a thank-you card. In one, an enrolled tax agent gave me advice on the business side of freelancing; in the other, a custom framer had an open house for his frame shop’s new digs. Last night I was doing up the cards. I … Read more

Harry Potter Halloween Costume

One black robe (my old Tusculum graduation robe will suffice) Wand (bought one at a halloween shop) Harry Potter glasses (same shop, same glasses as from the film) Black trousers White collared shirt Maroon sweater Black shoes Spells cheat sheet Lipstick (for the scar!) Party time doesn’t start for another few hours. In the meantime, … Read more

Robert Scoble’s rules of the road for corporate bloggers

“Don’t be stupid… Be smart” is as much a rule for life as it is for blogging, but otherwise these tips are good food for thought – especially if, like a certain queen, you plan on blogging about or around your job… Debbie Weil – Straight from Microsoft’s Scobleizer… his rules of the road for … Read more

Dotcom Business Plan Archive Open for Business

Red-letter day for good headlines, apparently. The trouble with most dot-coms, and most businesses in general, is poor planning from the get-go. If you want to start a business (Sam!) no wait, scratch that, if you want to avoid mistakes that others have made, want to get a reality check on everything you need to … Read more

Dude has free time. Dude builds flamethrower

“Roland Tower”, I think thy name is really David Stelter. Back me up, Eugene. You know who you are. Dude has free time. Dude builds flamethrower. – Engadget – maybe building a 20-foot flame-barfing gun is more your style. Nonetheless, in an effort to build the perfect weapon of mass incineration, Roland Tower crafted … Read more


Pluck’s feed of the day has me wanting to suddenly fall ill and make a mad dash out of the office (even if it is Eugene and it looks like rain): Great Outdoors – Feed of the Day: October 2004 Great Outdoors is part of Altrec. There’s expeditions, travel stories, maps, you name it. The … Read more

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