Month: October 2004

Changing the Way Your Customers Buy

Want your customer to change from browse to buy? They have to trust you. Inherent in that trust is believing that you know what you’re talking about, and giving them well-presented information. Note “well-presented” – not detailed, not well-designed, but well-presented. This article from Eric Best at Marketing Profs gives the skinny:

Changing the Way Your Customers Buy –

“we see a trend toward SKU-level—or item-specific—merchandising. Your brand image is critical. But if you’re not thinking about merchandising in terms of the most detailed product attributes and variables—pricing, title, description, keywords—you’re not fully leveraging available merchandising control.”

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Biz Blogging Surveyed – MarketingVOX

When the telephone was invented, not everyone got one. But eventually, if you were in business and didn’t have a phone then you might as well not have been in business. A similar thing has happened with email and websites — even if it’s just one page giving basic info about your company, you need … Read More

Netflix’s Top Movies RSS feed

“Wanna snag a movie tonight dear?” “Sure, but what?” “I dunno… let me check my headlines.” That’s right. If you’re into RSS and newsreaders and all that, Pluck highlighted a great offering in a recent Feed of the Day. Netflix is using RSS to tell you the top 25 movies in given categories, plus new … Read More

Micro Persuasion: Tips and Links for New Blog Readers and New Bloggers

The Antsaint blogging homework list continues to grow: As promised, tips and links for new blog readers and new bloggers – Heather Leigh She mentions Pluck in her list of RSS readers. If you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favor and give it a whirl. In addition to news feeds, you can also store … Read More

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