Posted by Anthony St. Clair on oneword November 29, 2004 10:06 PM He’d been watching Star Trek again. He was always the worse off for it, too. The geekiness in his blood boiled liked unwatched soup on the rewarm. “Impulse! Impulse! Make it so, dammit!” “You’re illogical.” “But I’m having a damn good time,” he’d … Read more

Smiling Frowned Upon in Visa Photographs

How I wish that truth were not stranger than fiction. But alas, the ever-wise U.S. government does not want people to smile for visa or passport photographs. Granted it’s to do with biometrics, but really, this is about as sensible as patting down Grandma for explosives at airport security. Link: Smiling Frowned Upon in Visa … Read more

Who wants a blog for Christmas?

Now this is innovative. TypePad, the company who powers and hosts AntSaint, has announced that TypePad subscribers can give TypePad subscriptions this Christmas. What a cool idea… I’m just wondering who on my Xmas list may want to be a blogger… Link: Everything TypePad!: Avoid the Malls: Give the Gift of a TypePad.

Leave the Ugly American at Home

Americans! There’s so much more to traveling abroad than finding the next McD’s while trying to drive stick on the left side of the road. Walk. Wear a plain t-shirt (you know, what they look like when Aberhoochie and Twitch isn’t stenciled on there). Open your ears and close your mouth — and be amazed … Read more


Posted by Anthony St. Clair on oneword November 28, 2004 11:55 AM It’s too easy. Just grab a passport and go, head to some foreign land. That’s it. The rest is nothing but scenery past a bend — you gotta get moving around it to see what’s next. It could be love, or the best … Read more

PC Magazine reviews freeware Office replacements

I’ve played a little with Open Office, any honestly I haven’t been impressed. Maybe that’s unfamiliarity, maybe it’s that I haven’t used it enough, I don’t know. I still really dig Word. But it’s good to see what else is going on out there: Link: PC Magazine reviews freeware Office replacements – The Office Weblog … Read more

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