Month: November 2004

Good wines for $15 or less

There are few things better than getting sloshed on a budget (I say while snagging 2 $6 bottles of Yellow Tail Shiraz from the cabinet): Good wines for $15 or less Also see: How to save money on good wine Personally, I’m off to Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of friends and some newly wedding-combined … Read More

The winner – Beer Cheese Dip

BeercheesedipA sharp dip was the dark horse winner in this Thanksgiving melee feast recipe decision.

I still didn’t know what else to make. After work I rode downtown for a coffee, and read the Northwest Brewing News.  And there it was. Page 15’s "Old Rainier Brewery Beer Cheese Dip" floored me. (Besides, other than a 1-lb brick of cheese, I already had the ingredients.) Here are some other beer cheese dip recipes, but the victorious (and glorious) Beer Cheese Dip is below, with kindly wiseass commentary in italics:

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More on Mulled Wine

Most useful info on Mulled Wine (including tips, history, variations and general info to help you understand Mulled Wine, not just prepare it): Mulled Wine Recipe – A Holiday Favorite Winning Recipe: Crockpot Mulled Wine Recipe – Crockpot Beverage and Drink Recipes. My crockpot needs breaking in, and this looks like the perfect way. Instead … Read More

Preparing for the Great Melee Thanksgiving Feast

The Thanksgiving melee I’m going to tomorrow is about as traditional as a hamburger at a Hindu banquet. Taylor tells me that everything from chicken satays to, goodness, for all I know "mushroom" soup has shown up. (Actually, I think I’m making up the shroup. I think.) At least I have some options… Things to … Read More

the cluetrain manifesto

Cluetrain is the soul, the guiding more, of the Internet. It’s also a whoop-ass call-out for business. In summation: cut the crap. Stop stonewalling or going for the touchy-feelies. We’re talking, we know what’s up, and if you won’t come play, then you’ve already lost. Read it, print it, tack it to the wall, take … Read More

Wireless apartment paradise

Woot me, wireless me, unplug me! Today’s Woot (sold-out) was a Wireless 802.11g 4 Port Router for $20. It got me thinking: what would it take to turn my apartment into a wireless paradise? Google Answers: Setting up a wireless, cable-internet network Home wireless network diagrams How to Set Up a Wireless Home Network and … Read More

Hair on your chest

"You’re not allowed to make coffee anymore, Anthony," says one of my co-workers. "Why not?" "Because you make it too strong. I’m a girl. I don’t need hair on my chest." "Trust me, strong coffee does not put hair on your chest," I reply. "I’m living proof. There are peaches fuzzier than I am." It’s … Read More

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