Month: December 2004

Essential iPod accessories

Reviews the iPod and some essential gear and accessories, such as the iTrip, iTalk, cases and headphones: Link: iPod and essential mobile accessories at Musical Discoveries. Some other iPod accessories: Bose SoundDock Digital Music System for iPod Mac Gift Guide (scroll down for the iPod stuff) Listmania! The Essential iPod – amazon

When Your Flight Is Cancelled

Fodor’s Blog has some good things to do and remember when dealing with flight cancellations and delays. Unfortunately, none of these would’ve helped my situation today — though I am going to do some fare-searching this evening and see if I can scare up any Eugene flights tomorrow, just in case! Link: Right This Way…The … Read More

Color and Design for the Non-Designer

An article after this content monkey’s heart: Link: Color for Coders – Color and Design for the Non-Designer [Design Principles]. I do virtually nothing with color. A bit with design. Neither is particularly my strongsuit; I’m a word man. Insightful read though, and for once analogous, complementary and monochromatic color schemes actually make sense!

Going to Charlotte?

If you’re going to Charlotte and happen to be passing through/near Roanoke, VA, on either Wednesday or early Thursday, could you email me (antsaint at myway dot com) and perhaps give me a lift? I’m thinking my odds of getting home are going to improve if I just completely skip any Roanoke flights! Charlotte or … Read More

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