Month: January 2005

Uncovering credit card costs on foreign charges

Using ATM and credit cards is for many travelers, including this one, the preferred way to get cash and pay for some things overseas. However, you have to be aware of 1-3% “conversion charges” on these transactions. For credit card purchases, these won’t be listed separately; they’re just figured into the total cost of something. … Read More

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

"The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear." – William Jennings Bryan When you put it that way… What would you do if you weren’t afraid? What would you do, that you’re dying to do – but won’t or haven’t? My shortlist: Write that travel novel Learn to dance There are … Read More

The Successful Haggis

The battle for Haggis HQ
Yes, there were leftovers. But not as much as I’d feared.

We transported the haggis, under armored cover of 4 guard cars, 2 motorcycle cops and a helicopter. Twenty people attempted to haggisjack us, but we held them off with kukris, light sabers and a detailed description both of what was in the haggis, and of what they would smell like if we smeared lanolin behind their ears and left it to fester.

The battle ended, we joked about reupholstering Buckley’s car with haggis. "I don’t think the smell would go over," he said.

"Ah, but just think of it as a steady supply of road snack. You get hungry, you just scrape a bit off the door panel," I replied.

"You could use it for house plaster too," said Kevin.

I nodded. "It makes great sheeprock."

Then a ninja in a facemask and black kilt attacked the car with cabers. We covered him in lanolin, hung him to a lamppost by his sporran, and continued to Haggis HQ.

The night was off to an auspicious start.

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Real men make haggis

Back in the day and once upon a time, a now-ex-girlfriend had developed a whinging tendency to criticize my sensitivity and masculinity. It’s nothing new; I’m certainly not a stereotypical "manly man". There are pre-adolescents taller than I am. Movies make me cry. And it was only by overhearing water-cooler talk at work that I … Read More

Baggis for haggis

The haggis-but-no-sheep-stomach dilemma should be solved by 4:30pm. While picking up my Good Food Easy produce of the week yesterday, Farmer John and I kicked around alternatives to sheep stomach. He was in town today and brought up a heavy plastic oven bag; he uses them for pressure cooking, and we’re thinking it should be … Read More

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