Baggis for haggis

The haggis-but-no-sheep-stomach dilemma should be solved by 4:30pm.

While picking up my Good Food Easy produce of the week yesterday, Farmer John and I kicked around alternatives to sheep stomach. He was in town today and brought up a heavy plastic oven bag; he uses them for pressure cooking, and we’re thinking it should be more than sturdy enough for 2-3 hours worth of boiling sheep organs.

Also on my haggis-to-do list today: pick up one more sheep heart.

On the "oh I pity my co-workers list": someone asked me what "a young hip swinging guy" like me was doing this weekend. "Making a haggis," I explained (sounds pretty hip to me, anyway).

"What’s that?" she asked.

"Do you really want to know?"

Unfortunately for her, she did. I think she still thinks I’m pulling her leg. She even declined an offer of leftovers. Her loss.

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