Haggis & fried rice

Ah, the joys of leftover haggis.

Now that the bagpipes and the kilts have been put away, what do you do with leftover haggis? Well, you send a fair bit back to Salem with your partner in crime, for one. But I still have a few helpings left, and strangely enough no one seems to want to come over for dinner.

So, naturally, I’ve been bringing it to work as lunch. Along with a side of fried rice. Not exactly neeps & tatties (turnips and mashed potatoes), but then again, if you can’t pair up a bit of Sco’ish sheep parts with Thai fried rice, well, what’s the point of eating?

However, I think my haggis threshold has just about been reached for the year. Now is an excellent time for you to be brave: come over and try some haggis!

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