Month: January 2005

Text sizing & positioning in 10 browsers

*geek alert* With screenshot examples and code used. Link: index of individual text sizing examples. More on text sizing issues. Very interesting… if you’re that concerned over baselines and font edges and all that good fun webgeek stuff. Thanks for putting it all together, Owen Briggs (inflight connection) Different site, but the Web Design Group … Read More


Posted by Anthony St. Clair on oneword January 26, 2005 07:09 PMThe small bags under his eye wouldn’t hold a raisin, but then again, they weren’t there last week. The nights were all cell phones and tossing and turning, dreams of scenes that would turn a director envy-green. The lushness of his dreams had turned … Read More

3 posts on biz blogs & corporate comm

Quite a few bloggers were just in Seattle for the Blog Business Summit. Lo and behold, they were even blogging about it (who woulda thought?). Below are 3 posts especially of interest to the business blogger and the company considering adding a blog. Also learn how blogs, both public and private, can be a salvation … Read More

Eugene Round IV Slam Report

Wasn’t just the wine that was chilled ….. Trinidad’s Roger Bonair-Agard rocks Eugene’s Territorial ….. GOT to get that blasted prop rule sorted out …..

Notes & Eugene Slam Report from the ever-awesome Marietta & Taylor…
Damn it was cold in there this month!  Next time will definitely be better, I am assured – good thing, too, because it sure made for a subdued audience.  Like lizards in an icebox, we were.

Anyway!  Round IV was super-fun and Roger Bonair-Agard was a little slice o’ heaven.  Okay, maybe he was a big slice.  New faces, no time penalties.  And we are currently hashing out the "No Props" rule – if you have any comments on the matter – please drop me a line ASAP or forever hold your peace. 

Before we get Taylor’s awaited-for Slam Report, allow me to remind of some stunning events coming your way in the very near future…

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How haggis, if no sheep stomach?

A Stomach S’ Clean, Yiz Can Eat Oot o’ It
The countdown to Haggis is 3 days (it would be 4, but Saturday is needed for the cooking). However, getting the stomach is still elusive. The other organs – heart, liver, lungs – will work out fine. Difficulties getting the stomach, however, are enough to upset mine.

From Americanized Haggis to Kosher Haggis though, there are options. Option #1:  wee dram (a dram is a shot of whisky). Dalwhinnie, preferably.

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