Real men make haggis

Back in the day and once upon a time, a now-ex-girlfriend had developed a whinging tendency to criticize my sensitivity and masculinity. It’s nothing new; I’m certainly not a stereotypical "manly man". There are pre-adolescents taller than I am. Movies make me cry. And it was only by overhearing water-cooler talk at work that I remembered there’s a Superbowl on… what, sometime this month?

I may not build decks and I may have an inherent fear of power tools, but you know what? I can clean, cook and eat sheep organs. And like it. Because it’s good. Especially when the haggis is made with the help and camaraderie of m’ best mate Buckley. Also not a stereotypical manly man. Consider us 2 more reasons stereotypes are bollocks.

Real men make haggis. And they enjoy it. Now excuse me while I cut up these sheep hearts.

8 thoughts on “Real men make haggis”

  1. y’know, it’d be even more manly man if you added the “real men make haggis . . . while wearing utili-kilts.”
    even better if you can cook something else too.

  2. LOL – so true! I still need to get a Utilikilt, in fact. Since Buckley was piping for the dinner, he brought his kilt – proper kilt, not utili – but we figured jeans and t-shirts would be smarter while there were various juices and bits of meat flying about the kitchen.
    Maybe next year…

  3. Funny you should mention Seattle. Last weekend I was having lunch with a friend visiting from there, and it reminded me that I haven’t been to Seattle since July. Now you’ve given me one more reason to hurry up and head north again!

  4. Seattle is great! People shouldn’t need an excuse to visit
    Personally, I make it up about once a month or so, but that’s b/c I can crash at my parents’ house.
    oh, and I know you mentioned staying at the Green Turtle once and said maybe it wasn’t so good. I’d suggest the Hostelling Int’l Hostel. It’s in Post Alley, and it’s two minute’s walk away from Pike Place. I had a pleasant stay last time I was there.

  5. Soooo true – I just need to get up to Seattle more often, period. I haven’t had a mocha from Vivace’s (sp?) on Broadway in MONTHS… Did you grow up in Seattle?
    The Green Tortoise was a place I’d always liked, but staying there in July’s 100-deg heat in a room with no fans? Oh, that sucked. I think I will try to the other hostel next time, if only because I never have.
    Do you go into shock going from a large city like Seattle, to a much more rural town like Forest Grove? Lovely town, but it must feel a bit weird at times?


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