Text sizing & positioning in 10 browsers

*geek alert* With screenshot examples and code used.

Link: index of individual text sizing examples.

More on text sizing issues. Very interesting… if you’re that concerned over baselines and font edges and all that good fun webgeek stuff. Thanks for putting it all together, Owen Briggs (inflight connection)

Different site, but the Web Design Group offers up some schooling on CSS Units (percentages, x-height, keyword, etc.) and Font Size as well. The latter also notes some major font-size caveats for IE.

Absolute or relative?
The debate rages, of course, and my 2 cents offered (or 2 shots fired, depending on your fervency) is that I either use px (pixel) sizes for absolute font sizing, or keywords (medium, small, etc.) for relative. TypePad’s use of keywords was my first exposure to the method, and I’ve been quite chuffed with how it works out. ex, em, and pc just come off as too damn nitpicky and geekily anal for my taste. Gimme pixels or keywords, anytime!

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