Various HTML & CSS tools

Various googling and surfing turned up a mishmash of neat HTML- and CSS-related newsletters, tools and tips:

Merle’s Mission Ezine – Plain txt newsletter. Go to "3. WEBMASTER RESOURCES" for the goods, which are relinked below:

html forms tutorial. Great skinny on how to built a good webpage form.

Webmaster Tools also has some interesting widgets for the code-cutting geek:

The CSS Magic, a button-menu maker, looks especially cool and is only only $20US.

Webmaster Tools 3, a freebie code generator for everything from image protection to FAQ page builder, also caught my eye.

The favorite of the day has to be EScrambler – Webmaster Anti-Spam Utility.
It’s just what it seems: it scrambles an email address so it is
readable to the human eye, but not to spambots trawling for more email
address victims.

Happy coding.

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