Ah, the oh-so-fun part of travel… the recovery. It was a fab weekend, culminating in a 1a.m. drive from Portland to Eugene, full of detours, that got me home at 4.m…. just in time to snag a couple of hours kip before getting to the office at 7a.m. Oddly enough, it was a really really … Read more

2 recipes for dinner with friends

The Indian Style Basmati Rice and Paprika Chicken with Mushrooms are top choices for a dinner next week with friends. Potential variations on the theme… For the rice, bulk that up with a few vegetables. Carrots, spinach, some sort of green. Maybe some fruit too, like raisins, given the sweeter and more savory look of … Read more

Pong! Mah Jongg Mavens Club @ UO

2rOh man, Eugene has a Mah Jongg club. I am officially in trouble…

Link: UO Events Calendar – Mah Jongg Mavens.

I got hooked on mah jongg while in China (big surprise), though the foundation was laid when I was in college and got a floppy-disk computer game version. Many, many a night through China and Tibet rang with me, Claudia and other people in out Tibet tour group drinking beer, talking smack, and shouting "Pong!" Sometimes even the locals would come over and play with us (not to mention give me advice, which is good as I suck at games).

Might just have to head down to the skylight room at the EMU one Sunday…

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Where in the world does Ant want to go next?

Looking at the world map on the wall in my office keeps my saliva glands in working order. Here’s the (not) short list of the places I want to see next or eventually or whenever. (Time to hit up BootsnAll, Lonely Planet and Intrepid Travel, methinks…) Turkey Egypt Russia New Zealand Australia Easter Island Hawaii … Read more

Salem, Forest Grove & Portland via the scenic route

This weekend is on the road, via Salem, Forest Grove and Portland. Routes will be figured out on the fly by picking obscure highways. Several friends and I will be catching up. Some friends (woo-hoo, Aaron and Christina!) will be taking me to my first in-theater Rocky Horror Picture Show in years. There will be … Read more

iPod in the mood

Random my arse. In the past half an hour, my iPod has shuffled 4 Barry White songs. “Qualified to Satisfy You” and “I’ve Got So Much to Give” are the latest. I could analyze this, look into it deeper, ponder this barry-lust from all angles… but that just scares me too damn much.

Indian Style Basmati Rice

Want to experiment with the fragrance and flavor of Indian cuisine, but aren’t sure how to begin? Here’s a simple, easy to prepare dish with spices and basmati rice: Link: All Recipes | Side Dish | Indian Style Basmati Rice. Which reminds me, there’s some MDH mixes (think of it as India’s version of Hamburger … Read more

Victorious quiet

Today’s QOTD is rom "My Mother Was a Soldier", by William Stafford: Tapping on my wrist, she talked: "Patienceis the doctor; it says try; it saysthey think we’re nice, we quiet ones, we dieso well: that’s how we win, imagining thingsbefore they happen." "No harm in being quiet," Published in A Glass Face in the … Read more