Pong! Mah Jongg Mavens Club @ UO

2rOh man, Eugene has a Mah Jongg club. I am officially in trouble…

Link: UO Events Calendar – Mah Jongg Mavens.

I got hooked on mah jongg while in China (big surprise), though the foundation was laid when I was in college and got a floppy-disk computer game version. Many, many a night through China and Tibet rang with me, Claudia and other people in out Tibet tour group drinking beer, talking smack, and shouting "Pong!" Sometimes even the locals would come over and play with us (not to mention give me advice, which is good as I suck at games).

Might just have to head down to the skylight room at the EMU one Sunday…


9 thoughts on “Pong! Mah Jongg Mavens Club @ UO”

  1. Dude, I LOVE Mahjong! Have me own set [bought it when I was about 12/13? Yes, an odd child wasn’t I?], not sure why, I just saw it and thought, I’ll get me one of those! We had our first Ladies Afternoon Tea some time ago, and unfortunately, yet to repeat it, but shall… We’re hoping to make it a regular occurrence [clearly not successful to date!], the ladies, an assortment of teas and cakes… and ‘the twittering of the sparrows’…
    Come on down – you can be our token boy 😉
    Kung Chow Pong Ging

  2. Yer on, Ginchola! I’ve yet to find a set – next time I’m in P-town I’m going to check Chinatown. However, in lieu of a mahjongg set, this weekend’s Hawthorne shopping jaunt did turn up a v. cool *poster* of mahjongg tiles. It will do… for now.

    • Just moved to Eugene from No. California and looking for a (casual!) American Mah Jong group to play with. I don’t play well enough to teach, but really enjoy playing once a week or so. Having trouble finding Mah Jong people here!


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