Ah, the oh-so-fun part of travel… the recovery.

It was a fab weekend, culminating in a 1a.m. drive from Portland to Eugene, full of detours, that got me home at 4.m…. just in time to snag a couple of hours kip before getting to the office at 7a.m. Oddly enough, it was a really really good day too, even for a Monday.

Having now napped, cooked, and Pink Martini’d, it is time to shout out/ get my thanks on to Buckley, Penn, Christina, Sam and Taylor for a great time. It was so good to see you guys again… and finally in your own towns!

Off to finish recovering now… hmmm, cocoa, then sleep…

6 thoughts on “Recovering”

  1. Glad you’re still alive. I don’t envy the lack of sleep. I had a hard enough time waking up this morning (the knee is quite sore, and my back muscles aren’t so happy either).
    You’re welcome for the great time (at least the Friday part of it, and partial credit for Sunday evening). Come back any time; maybe next time a jaunt to the coast is in order?

  2. Tillamook! The Gorge! Bring it…
    Thanks! This morning, so far so good… I even made it to bed before 11 last night. Hope your back feels better…
    Same perhaps for next time you’re down this way – gotta hand it to Eugene for location. An hour from the coast, an hour from the range – it’s a good dilemma to have.

  3. Tillamook . . . mmm, cheese.
    Seaside and Canon Beach are also nice destinations, and we could go to Garibaldi if you want to learn the language of tidepooling.
    Is the coast straight out from Eugene nice? I drove through Florence once, but we never stopped.

  4. Tidepooling? I’d be down for that. At some point I’d like to drive up all that stretch of 101, from Florence to the NW corner of the state. I’ve been as far as Newport, but that’s it s’far. The coast straight out from here is pretty nice – good drive, pretty scenic. Only gotten to see a few bits of the Florence coast, but it was nice. The usual long stretches of sand, with loads of driftwood everywhere to catch the eye.


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