Month: March 2005

Greek food night: the winner

The chicken is currently in the fridge, marinating in oregano, butter, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and garlic. Tomorrow when I get home, all that needs to be done is chop the potatoes, throw everything in the oven, and wait. Link: Chicken with Oregano (Kota Riganati). Oh, one other thing to do. Buy booze. … Read More

Going postal in the Galapagos

If The Police had been backpackers, they could’ve done this first. Message in a barrel: Kyle MacDonald is going postal — and he’d like you to join him. On Apr. 6, he’s leaving Montreal to cart heaps of postcards to a barrel full of more postcards in the Galapagos Islands. Seriously. Want to play a … Read More


Posted by Anthony St. Clair on oneword March 29, 2005 10:49 PMThe night was a beer and a smile, a distant roll of thunder and the flicker-flash of angry teeth. “I didn’t mean it.” “You never do.” “You know what I mean when I mean it.” “Do I?” “Yes.” “Show me.” “All right.” Your turn … Read More

The wallflower goes to Perugino tango night

Admittedly to drink americanos, ponder finances, look at real estate guides, drink more americanos, read about urban cycling… oh, and watch the dancers. Someday I might even get up there… Weekly Eugene Tango Classes, Practicas, and Milongas – Tango in Eugene Eugene Argentine Tango The Tango Center

The secret, heated pool of Tamarack Wellness Center

Formerly the Stewart Aquatic Center. Even though this pool is about, oh, 6 blocks or so from my apartment, I had no idea it existed. Then, the other day in my mailbox was the latest edition of a small newsletter from my neighborhood assocation, the CDCA. On the back page is heaps of details for … Read More

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