Mullet denial

While getting a haircut earlier, a couple of the stylists were talking about a chap who’d been in the chair before me. He was a bit, shall we say, mulletly challenged, and neither his wife nor stylist could convince him to try something better… erm, different.

To be fair, I didn’t get a look at him or his do. Would you bother to look up, if you were engrossed in GQ’s nearly-nudie photos of Jessica Alba (who definitely does not have a mullet)? I didn’t think so.

Back to the reshaping of my boy-bandish spiky mop. Still discussing mullet-man, the stylist made me laugh so hard I nearly wound up with a buzzered scalp. "I tried and tried," she said, "But he was just in mullet denial."

Mullet denial. Poor bugger. And not a 12-step program in sight. Nonetheless, I hear there is a cure… but you have to look like Justin Timberlake for 6 months.

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