Month: March 2005

File Renamer Basic

I’ve tried a few of these programs in the past, and all have either been clunky or with a poor interface. This one is sharp, well laid-out, and easy to use: Link: File Renamer – File Renamer Basic – Rename Files – Sherrod Computers. Product Homepage: File Renamer – Rename Files – File Renamer Deluxe … Read More

Organ parts for sale

ConsoleElectro-Pneumatic Organ Parts Available
I’m turning this post over to my friend Chris Buckley, a musician and apprentice organ builder. He has many organ parts that he is offering for sale. Those parts (including a console, 3 chests and a tremulent unit, or trem) and photos for them are below.

Other organ components available too. If you are looking for other electro-pneumatic organ parts but don’t see them here, please contact Chris.

Interested in any or all of these organ pieces? Contact Chris Buckley for pricing and arrangements: at email via or by phone at (503) 910-9930 (please call before 10PM PST).

Read MoreOrgan parts for sale

Fixing up m’ Typelists & Blogrolls

If you look at the right column, things are a bit different. (Or maybe you’ve never noticed before. Fair enough. But now’s a good time to notice.) The old blogrolls for AntSaint? Reads Worth Reading; Links to Check Out; Writing, Travel & Web; Message Boards; Listening to. Not very good, really. Vague. Scattered. And now, … Read More

Where’s the links?

In case any of my 7 readers are wondering where all the Typelists/blogrolls went (the lists of links in the left and right columns), they’re down for maintenance. I’m scrubbing and redoing them… so they’ll be back, better than ever, soon enough. Goodness but the site looks naked with all that empty space on the … Read More

Browser Security Test

The Browser Security Test checks for vulnerabilities in your browser. Just open the link in whichever browser you’d like to test. Results will list what you can do about any vulnerabilities. It actually found a Java weakness on my system, that was listed as a high-risk… now I’m just updating that plugin, and all should … Read More

Another reason to go back to Britain

Ah, the UK. Without you, I never would’ve learned that beer could be good. Well, not until I moved to Oregon anyway. But be that as it may… Crack a cold one of your choice, and see what’s on tap at St Peter’s Brewery, Bungay, Suffolk, merry ol’ bloody England. Sorry to say chaps, they … Read More

Fixing AntSaint’s TypePad domain mapping

Many, many props to NevOn, who had pretty much the same issues as I’ve had: NevOn Experimental: Domain mapping still doesn’t work properly NevOn Experimental: Domain mapping now active Update with another link on this topic: Blogging Business: Domain Mapping With Typepad. My own error had been a "www" CName entry that was not pointing … Read More

Things to do this weekend

Watch Return of the King (the uber-extended version) Redo all my Typelists Figure out what I screwed up with the domain mapping on here Take care of some photos for a friend of mine Eat scrambled eggs, gussied-up-with-lots-of-veg style Enjoy a lot of quality time just me, myself in my bathrobe Make a few phone … Read More

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