The cornbread and chicken dinner

# of friends over for dinner last night: 3 (technically 4 as Jes wandered by for beer, but she’d already eaten)
Fashion accessory of choice: The apron.
The menu:

  • Savory Olive-Stuffed Cornbread
  • Paprika Chicken with Mushrooms (mods: added 1/2 tsp oregano, subbed shallots for onion, added another 3tsps paprika, added 1/2-lb arugula)
  • An assortment of fine craft beers from New Belgium Brewing (thanks gang!). And btw, if you haven’t tried NBB’s seasonal Biere de Mars yet, get on it. It’s light and lovely, and only available throug the end of March. If you’ve bought too much BdM for precisely that reason, drop me a line and I’ll, um, help you bring stock down to acceptable levels.
  • German chocolate cake (thanks for bringing that!)

Everyone showed up a little before 7:30, and we all chatted while I prepped the chicken, Deirdre sliced mushrooms and Mike chopped arugula. Julie studied for a physics final (fair enough). Other than that, they kept an eye on the chef’s alcohol level and warned if it seemed to be too low.

The cornbread is an excellent, and pretty quick, recipe. Prep took about 15 minutes. You layer batter, then cheese and chopped olives, then more batter. It’s lovely, with a bit of tang from some mild chillies in the batter. The gang loved it, and when Julie left we sent her home with a coupla slabs, to help the midnight oil burn better. This is going in the "fave recipes" folder.

The paprika chicken was easy and straightforward. I halved the 4 chicken breasts, to make 8 servings of chicken. A heap of shallots were hiding in the fridge, so I made short work of 3 of them. Oregano just sounded nice. And it’s fun as hell to flatten out a chicken breast using the flat of a chef’s knife. Very cathartic.

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