Month: April 2005

AirScooter: It’s like Air Lexus, only smoover

A ride as Smoove B as me, baby.And I was thinking of buying a car? Forget that. I’ll take a personal helicopter instead. You can shove your Lexus, your SUV, your Maserati — just wait until I’m gliding down all badass into a parking space right in front of the club. That’s right. And then … Read More

10 Digital Photography Tips from National Geographic Photographers

Link: National Geographic: Digital Photography Tips from National Geographic Photographers. Some of the most important tips I take from this are… Get 2 extra pairs of NiMH batteries (that’ll give me 3 pairs, 6 batteries total) Eventually, snag at least 1 more 512MB xD card. At my current 6MP resolution on my Fuji E550, that’ll … Read More

10% of the market is on Fire…fox

One caveat is that the study referred to below doesn’t take into account Safari. On the plus side, the old Netscape 4x browsers are becoming even more irrelevant. As for our dear Firefox horse though, remember that this browser has been out about, oh, 6 months now. And it’s gained 10% of the market. Version … Read More

Protect your home wireless network

It might seem like I’m beating this topic to death, but really all these posts on securing wireless networks are for me and for when I get around to wirelessing up the apartment. Though being as I’m in all likelihood about to switch to a Mac, I’ll probably just snag an Airport Express base, set … Read More

Frisk me. Search me. Google me, baby

J.F.G.I.New addition in the upper-left corner: a Google search box. Now you can Google AntSaint, or search the web via Google. Want to add a search like this to your website or blog?  Just copy the code, and replace the 3 instances of "YOUR DOMAIN NAME" with, well, your domain name (and leave the quotation … Read More

Visited so far

Countries (10): Scotland England Ireland Hong Kong India Thailand Cambodia China Tibet Nepal U.S. States (19) Alabama California Florida Georgia Kentucky Maryland Michigan Nevada New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Virginia (this is also where I grew up, but I’m listing it because the family and I did travel … Read More

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