10 Digital Photography Tips from National Geographic Photographers

Link: National Geographic: Digital Photography Tips from National Geographic Photographers.

Some of the most important tips I take from this are…

  • Get 2 extra pairs of NiMH batteries (that’ll give me 3 pairs, 6 batteries total)
  • Eventually, snag at least 1 more 512MB xD card. At my current 6MP resolution on my Fuji E550, that’ll give me about 680 shots (that might seem like a lot, but after on-camera editing, the 6 days in SoCal trip took up all of one card alone)
  • Save in TIFF format. Never thought of that one; being a web geek, all I ever think of is JPEG, JPEG, JPEG… oh yeah, and the occasional GIF. But TIFF is a much better archive/original format

Now to start getting more prints made, for collaging, framing, and general decorating of apartment and office. Oh yeah, and to start doing a hell of a lot more photography.

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4 thoughts on “10 Digital Photography Tips from National Geographic Photographers”

  1. you don’t have to take your photos in tiff (some cameras don’t have that option — I don’t believe mine does). you just have to save your edited photos as tiffs. in a nutshell, this is b/c jpegs resample the image every time it is saved. don’t ever touch the originals (always resave as a new name when editing), and resave them as tiffs after editing.
    now that I read the article, I see what they’re saying (and what you’re saying). yeah, go ahead and save in tiff. I don’t, but I never ever ever touch the originals, and all my editing is just reducing quality for the web.
    extra batteries never hurt. I really need to pick up an extra for my camera. It’s only been an issue one time, but I hated having to stop taking photos that one day.

  2. RTFMing (reading the fecking manual) is also one of those obvious, basic, and most essential ones. I was trying to snag some sunset shots the other night, but I’m not familiar enough with the manual settings yet to get things down right. Time to crack that manual…


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