Frisk me. Search me. Google me, baby

New addition in the upper-left corner: a Google search box. Now you can Google AntSaint, or search the web via Google. Want to add a search like this to your website or blog?

 Just copy the code, and replace the 3 instances of "YOUR DOMAIN NAME" with, well, your domain name (and leave the quotation marks. They’re important). This is the option I’m using.

"What could be better? Search me. – Google Free web search with site search"

Wondering what J.F.G.I. stands for?

2 thoughts on “Frisk me. Search me. Google me, baby”

  1. Of course we can now spy on you via
    Make sure to check the satelite link on the right and zoom in. I swear I can see my truck parked in front of my apartment 😉
    May man never get lost again…what would we do without google.


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