Mac users: Convert me.

Ibook14inchThat’s right. This die-hard Windows PC user is teetering on the verge of The Switch (most likely to an iBook). Convince me. Convert me. And I will buy a Mac.

Here’s what started it: AntSaint: Will the smack-talker of Smackintoshes eat his Windows words?

If you can convince me to love, understand and buy a Mac – I will.

Are you game?

What I use/will be using a computer for:

  • Download and edit photos from my Fuji E550
  • Edit and design websites, including AntSaint (despite this and the above, I’m don’t do much in the way of graphics work, mostly text and HTML)
  • Maintain finances
  • Write prose and poetry (generally as text files nowadways)
  • Archival and/or conversion of legacy MS Word files

My current laptop is (in a nutshell):

  • M-Tech 375e (this newer model is similar to what I have)
  • 1.5 GHz Pentium
  • 60G HD
  • 512 RAM
  • Wireless-ready
  • XP Pro SP2

Teetering… teetering… tee…

10 thoughts on “Mac users: Convert me.”

  1. My god man! Have you lost your mind? Ant, listen to me…put down whatever you are working on and go pickup one of the old editions of the Pioneer. Close your eyes and remember back to the early mornings in Tom’s office. The lingering aroma/stench of papa Jon’s pizza lays heavily in the air and the melodic tapping of keys is abruptly broker by: “Goddamit! How do you f$@%*! delete on this thing?!!”. Ah yes, empty treats of “your mama was a commodore!”, ring through the rafters of McCormick’s Bell Tower.
    Now listen to me, there are other choices. Dell makes a laptop that is just as stylish as a mac but unlike a mac, it is useful.
    Seriously, Check this:
    I recently purchased one for an employee at my office and they love it. He was wanting a mac himself, mainly because of his itunes collection and an ipod addiction, but all that stuff works just as well on a PC.
    I wish you luck on your PC journey, and if you should find an AST on the way….do us all a favor and set the f*#%ing piece of s@%t of fire!!!!

  2. Right. A DELL laptop that could sub in for an iBook? No way. Dell doesn’t make good laptops, no matter how nice they look. I have all dell in my network for desktops, but for laptops I have Vaios and ThinkPads.
    Macs have come a long way since the ones you used in Journalism or Yearbook.

  3. No way dude…Dell makes fine laptops. I have a 600m and have had no problems of any kind. I mean, it’s a budget model, so I could stand to have it be faster and with a little more memory…but it still works great.
    However, I would gladly trade it for an ibook, or better yet a powerbook, but it’s not because the dell is a bad laptop.

  4. Matt, I totally hear you. Whenever I’ve been talking about this Switch with friends, I always talk about how much I hated the Smackintoshes we used at TC (and at The Roanoke Times).
    But that was also back in the mid-late 90s. Back during OS 9. Which even Mac-heads will admit, it sucked. To be fair, I haven’t really touched a Mac since 2000. OS X, I have to give props.
    And to be fair, I can’t judge the current Mac by how things were for them 5 years ago. I was about to say that’d be like using Win95 when it came out, hating it, and then saying you wouldn’t use XP for that reason. But then again, what has *really* changed in Windows since 95, other than it now requires 256 RAM and looks a little slicker?
    The problem’s not the manufacturer. M-Tech actually builds a way tougher, more robust machine than Dell.
    The problem is Windows. It’s just becoming a bigger and bigger pain to use.
    And my iPod *used* to work on my PC. It will hook up fine to my Dell desktop at the office – but not my laptop at home. Despite hours of attempts to remedy. And don’t get my started on how my laptop dumps the settings for what it’s supposed to do when my camera is connected.
    Besides, look at it this way – most people use Windows. Marketshare for Macs is what, 2% still? Since when have I ever done what the rest of the crowd does 🙂
    The Dark Side calls to me… whoever would’ve thought it’d come all packaged in crisp pretty white?

  5. “But then again, what has *really* changed in Windows since 95, other than it now requires 256 RAM and looks a little slicker?”
    Almost everything actually. Windows XP is really not at all like windows 95. If you put windows 95 on the internet unprotected right now, I bet it would literally crash about 5 minutes after you plugged it in. XP, while still sucking pretty hard, is worlds better. They just look vaugely similar to each other, but what windowing system doesn’t look vaugely like every other windowing system?

  6. Of course I think the next few months/quarters we’ll start to see some really cool tweaks to what we call the desktop. Longhorn and Sun are working on 3D effects which are pretty neat…
    You can google longhorn images and catch a few glimpses. Sun’s looking glass project is killer…
    But all-in-all computers in general are nearly inter-changeable for lack of a better word. It really comes down to personal preference now which is neat because the choices were very limited back in the day…not the case any more.

  7. Yeah, excellent piece, not just on the security aspect, but also on debunking the notion that Apples are more expensive than PCs. I’d always thought that too – but really it’s just being blinded by sticker shock.

  8. Apple PC are meant to be more stylish and more restricted in sense of securities as the apple does not allow you any software to be downloaded, and this can be a hassle for you in future if you have some work and you can not download the software. So I think you better stick to the Windows XP rather than switching to Apple


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