Month: April 2005

Theolonius Monk & John Coltrane found in Libraryof Congress

Carnegie Hall. Nov. 29, 1957.A benefit concert for a community center. Two great jazz legends, Theolonius Monk and John Coltrane, playing together. Note to iTunes: Please, please, puh-leeze get this online soon. Link: The New York Times > Arts > Music > A Jazz Discovery Adds a New Note to the Historical Record. (Free registration … Read More

Will the smack-talker of Smackintoshes eat his Windows words?

Apple_logoquestionmarkMy laptop is annoying me. We used to get along. Hell, I was even starting to kind of like Windows XP. But things have been going sour. I’ve tried not to say anything — you know, I wanted to work it all out, quietly.

But it hasn’t been going well. For a few months now. Then today… well, today I caught myself roaming through the Mac section of the U of O bookstore. This is going bad. It’s all welling up inside… I have to confess: I’m starting to hate Windows.

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6 Days in SoCal: Last Post at Sunset

As we prepared for takeoff, the sun dropped and the sky turned orange. We were supposed to be in our seats, seatbelts secured, all portable electronic devices turned off and stowed. But there was one device I just had to get out: my camera, for one last shot. Hopefully this photo does a tiny bit … Read More

6 Days in SoCal: Carita… and Fred

A longer and longer time ago, in a booze-laden country far, far away, this wee American was a college boy on a student exchange. He wound up becoming friends with a Finnish girl, also on a student exchange.

They kept in touch, both wound up living in Scotland some more, and then went on their merry ways. He moved to Oregon. She moved back to Finland. Her merry ways went on to become "marry" ways, and she got hitched to a chap in L.A. Five years later, when the American boy was on his trip to L.A., the boy and the girl finally got to see each other again!

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6 Days in SoCal: Skippy, Frisky Tortoises & More – LA Zoo Photo Album

We spend an entire day at the L.A. Zoo, seeing everything from reptiles to primates to some, ahem, rather frisky tortoises. Heather also gave us the expert guided tour, filling us in with all sorts of cool info about the animals, zookeeping, etc. And then there was this kangaroo… To the photos…

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