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  1. I would say a 14 iBook is a good starting place. It comes full of lots of the software you’d want to use, has a nice screen, and gives you the joy of rocking an Apple portable. If the iPod is indeed a gateway drug, the iBook is the next logical progression of the addiction. I think you get a pretty nice machine for the money, which is really not that much. Considering my 15″ Ti PowerBook was $3600 when I got it, and the new iBooks are faster than it is, I’d call it quite a deal.
    Also, there is no reason to buy a PowerBook right now; Apple is frantically trying to figure out the G5 version. I would imagine you’ll see another price cut in the G4 PBs before too long, and the G5 should be out on the heels of that. Of course, that could take months and months to really happen…

  2. Hmmm… price drops… do Apples ever go on sale, or do you think the iBooks will drop anytime soon?
    The 14″ iBook was going for $1299 (I don’t need the SuperDrive/DVD-RW)… then I’d get the Airport Express base for another $130… and should I get AppleCare? Another $250, if I remember right.
    No little chunk of change, either — at the least I’m waiting until Tiger’s out, but I’m not in a massive hurry either. Other than my sudden, growing detestation of Windows machines…

  3. Macs don’t go on sale so much….usually a price drop around the time of a produce launch, or a restructuring of the product lineup. Take the iPod for example, when the iPod Photo came out. At first, the Photo models were way more expensive, and within a couple of weeks, the lowest price point for the Photo model had dropped, and the entire line had been revamped. I wouldn’t really expect to see the iBook price drop anytime soon, as it seems like a real bargain for a G4 iBook at $1300. An Apple anywhere near that price, especially a notebook, was unheard of not that long ago.
    I’d say good choice on the no superdrive option, as it’s cheaper for a firewire external, should you decide you need those capabilities.
    AppleCare is a great idea, IMO. When I first got my G5 tower, I spec’d it with AppleCare, and when it arrived, it sounded like a vacuum cleaner was on my desk. I didn’t really want to take it in for service, since my local Apple Specialist was two weeks out from even looking at it. But since I had AppleCare, I called them, and they were able to declare my G5 DOA and cross-ship me a new one. Without it, I would have been doomed to wait.

  4. Thanx Endub – didn’t think I’d be so lucky as to snag the iBook at a much lower price, but you’re right, $1300 is nothing to bitch about for such a smokin’ machine.
    The chap at the Mac Store also had a list of the pre-loaded software, and I was flabbergasted. It was stuff that was all… useful. Not all the mass-market stuff that comes on PCs. One of the reasons I went with the M-Tech was because they load a bunch of crap on the machine.
    But Apple’s got it trumped. I must confess. iLife, Safari (though I’ll most likely just switch to Firefox straightaway)… and Quicken? Quicken? I couldn’t believe that was on the list.

  5. iLife *drool* sometimes, at night, or when daydreaming in class, I just think about the potential carried in iLife. apple definitely makes a sexy computer.


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