AirScooter: It’s like Air Lexus, only smoover

AirscooterA ride as Smoove B as me, baby.
And I was thinking of buying a car? Forget that. I’ll take a personal helicopter instead. You can shove your Lexus, your SUV, your Maserati — just wait until I’m gliding down all badass into a parking space right in front of the club. That’s right.

And then your fine self will not be able to resist the smooveness, my smooveness, that only a smoove-digg-ily smooveman like me could possibly fly. That’s right. Feel the power of AirScooter. It be smoove. Just like me. And then you will be blown away — and we will freak some more.

Link: Welcome to AirScooter Corporation.

Via: Inventor Creates Soundless Sound System – My Way News

With apologies to The Onion and Smoove B.

2 thoughts on “AirScooter: It’s like Air Lexus, only smoover”

  1. That is, quite possibly, the coolest god damned thing ever. I have got to get one.
    I wonder how it does on gas milage? ‘Cos if it’s even remotely close to a car, say in the 20-30 MPG range, I’m getting that instead of a second car. Hell yeah, baby. Commuting in style.

  2. Now all you need is a screen so you don’t get bugs in your teeth!
    Should I wind up with the coin for one, well, you know, sure… otherwise, I guess I’ll just have to keep drooling over Toyota Matrixes…


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