Month: May 2005

How to set up multiple homepages in Firefox

At first this might sound silly. Why do you need more than one homepage? But think about it. How many sites do you really head to, one right after the other? Your email? Favorite message board? The local newspaper’s site? The Suicide Girls? (mmmm, suicide girls…) Ahem. Anyway. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if … Read More

I was on fire until she lit up

When: lunch, a couple of days ago
Where: picnic table, the park, near the bike bridge at Valley River Center
Why… Does damn near every attractive woman in this town have to sport either 1) a baby, 2) a cigarette, or 3) both?

Gorgeous blonde bikes to a picnic table about 20 feet away from where I’m reading National Geographic and eating pasta with chicken, chillis, thyme, feta, savory, broccoli and mushrooms. She’s cute. A glance here, a perhaps glance back there.

She takes off her top.

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