Angela Booth’s next computer will (probably) be a Mac too

4 thoughts on “Angela Booth’s next computer will (probably) be a Mac too”

  1. Ant, I’ve used PC’s since a Tandy 1000. I moved from that crappy machine up to a 386SX 40mhz, so I’ve been a constant PC user, and never owned a mac until about 2 weeks ago.
    OS X is THE POWER. Do not hesitate to make the switch. Do not listen to PC fans who tell you not to switch. Trust in the Mac, it’s the most awesome awesome choice you will ever make in terms of computing.
    OS X is the first time I’ve actually been able to understand peoples obession with the Mac. It just totally rules.
    Make the switch. You’re cool, you like cool things, so you obviously need a cool computer.

  2. Sigh… you are absolutely right (well, I don’t know about the part about me being cool, but all right :-).
    Mainly I’ve been getting the financing/cash in order… though of course, sitting on the living room futon last night, wrestling with my camera, and then this morning waking up my curmudgeonly machine to “itunes had a problem and must close” – yeah, I’m tipped.
    It’s Mac time.
    Thanks for all the advice.

  3. I’m ditching my slow, antiquated (really!) Tablet PC for a Powerbook as soon as the G5s come out. Switched to an iMac at home last year, and the whole family has been delighted.
    If only I wasn’t dependent on Windows software development to cover the bills. Anyone know a company that will pay me to learn Mac/Unix programming? 🙂

  4. LOL. Yeah, I’m going to keep my Windows laptop for a while, no reason to get rid of it, plus I’ll need it for the office. I’ll most likely snag an Airport Express too, so now I can use the Wintop for watching movies, while I surf on the iBook. I just said that out-loud, didn’t I? Such a geek…


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