Month: July 2005

Switch V: How to rename your Rambutan… er, your iPod

Apple & Asian Fruit"Antpod" just wasn’t cutting it as the name of my iPod anymore. Since Switching to Apple, I’ve gone on an Asian fruit kick. An iBook named Mango. A flash drive named Lychee. So how about an iPod named Rambutan? Rename iPodWhatever your naming kick, whether on Mac OX… dangit… Mac OS X … Read More

Jazz Station & Taiko drumming

Here’s an evening of some music variety: Jazz Station, 7:30. A new venue at 68 W. Broadway in downtown Eugene. Cozy space, not too big, and easy to take in tonight’s lineup including Lori Fletcher and Jon Fiori. A project from the Willamette Jazz Society, the Jazz Station is going to be available for rentals … Read More

Sometimes a Great Notion, by Ken Kesey

Author: Ken KeseyBuy Sometimes a Great Notion Amazon | Powells "What a day! Man alive." Pollen hangs in the windowless still, solidifying the one yellow-bright beam from treetop to the ground… "Haw! Look yonder…" where a twirl of butterflies white and busy as stars flush from a patch of sheep sorrel at his tread, where … Read More

How to convert Word .doc files to a more Mac-friendly format

.doc debacleHeaps and heaps of Microsoft Word files fill my Documents folder. They’re everywhere. Old letters. Poetry compilations. What I’m looking for in the woman of my dreams. You name it. But I’m on a Mac now. I don’t want to use Word anymore. So how do I efficiently turn all of these Word files … Read More


Posted by Anthony St. Clair on oneword July 28, 2005 06:19 AMHer apparent fury cracked into a smile when she finally just stopped intonating, stopped nuancing, and just came out and said it plain. "No, we can’t fool around tonight, I’m on my period!" "Oh," he said. "Why didn’t you say so? Do you want … Read More

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