Switch V: How to rename your Rambutan… er, your iPod

Rambutan_1Apple & Asian Fruit
"Antpod" just wasn’t cutting it as the name of my iPod anymore. Since Switching to Apple, I’ve gone on an Asian fruit kick. An iBook named Mango. A flash drive named Lychee. So how about an iPod named Rambutan?

Rename iPod
Whatever your naming kick, whether on Mac OX… dangit… Mac OS X or Windows, here’s how to rename your iPod.

4 thoughts on “Switch V: How to rename your Rambutan… er, your iPod”

  1. mmmmmm…. rambutans. the kooshlike god of asian fruits. i could eat rambutans for days. not overly sweet like lychee, yet with that gooey texture that i love.

  2. what’s in a name?

    So motivated by Ant’s renaming of his various machines, I decided it was high time to find a name for my various drives. I had put it off for months now, as I figured no name could ever live up to the Good Ship Dora, the now deceased incarnation that …

  3. iPod umbenennen

    Das Umbenennen eines iPods auf einer Windows-Kiste funktioniert etwas anders, als man es als Redmond-Mausschubser gewohnt ist, denn der übliche Doppelklick auf den iPod-Eintrag in iTunes führt nicht zu erwünschten Ergebenis. Stattdessen muss man den…


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