This would figure: New iBooks
Hardly a week after I get my iBook, Apple launches revamped ones. For the same money I could have an iBook with 512 ram, faster processor, scrolling trackpad, and various other features.

Not too big a deal, really; I love what I have — but I am pondering a call to the Mac Store, just to ask if we have any options…

It just cracks me up that hardly a week after I Switch, I could’ve Switched to the same machine, only neater.

2 thoughts on “iBugger”

  1. Welcome to the world of Macs. This happens ALL THE TIME when buying a Mac. It’s completely unavoidable, unless you pull the trigger as soon as the new models come out. I don;t so much like doing that either, since it’s nice to let the early adopters iron out the bugs and get a later release when any issues have already been resolved.
    Much like an OS, really, you get a better product if you buy in the late run of the previous release, rather than the first run of the new release.

  2. Oh well. It’s not like I’m unhappy with what I got – it just figures. Kinda funny, really. But you make a good point too, there are bound to be bugs. I think I’ll just sit tight and enjoy what I’ve got.


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