Sometimes a Great Notion, by Ken Kesey

Author: Ken Kesey
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"What a day! Man alive." Pollen hangs in the windowless still, solidifying the one yellow-bright beam from treetop to the ground… "Haw! Look yonder…" where a twirl of butterflies white and busy as stars flush from a patch of sheep sorrel at his tread, where no other white man’s foot has ever trod before. "Maybe no man’s foot of no color ever before!" He looks up one of the columns and spits on his hands. ‘Okay, stan’ clear. What d’ya think? I’m a bear got to hibernate? let me have some bullyjacks. We got things to do. Cats to kill, eggs to hatch, trees to chop, an’ ground to scratch… stan’ clear, dammit!"

Tidbit: Know what a "devil’s stovepipe" is? Look out for Leland remembering a boyhood Halloween, and you’ll find out.

Have you read One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? You’ll find it hard to believe that the same author wrote both books.

Soul of the Oregon coast? Notion takes us to coastal, logging Oregon. The characters are rough and tough and tumble; they’re hard-drinking, smack-talking, and tight-lipped about little not logs and wisecracks. Not the place you would expect to find the lyrical prose that Kesey brings to each character, not the place you would expect to find heartfelt monologues that Kesey uses to show us readers that even a jack swingin’ his axe was more than just that.

Another plus for Notion readers: if you’re visiting, thinking of moving, or a recent transplant to Oregon, Sometimes a Great Notion will provide much insight into the lives and thinking of people here.

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