The Elusive Wild Thyme of Eugene

Wild Thyme Cafe on 10th and Pearl does not want me to eat there.

I’ve twice tried to go, but it’s been closed. The first time was when Penn was up visiting, but Wild Thyme is closed on Sundays. Another time, Jon and I were going to meet for breakfast… but Wild Thyme was remodeling.

And again today. Jon and I are meeting for breakfast… but Wild Thyme is on vacation (through tomorrow). Fair enough — people need time off. Jon and I are heading to Brail’s instead.

But Wild Thyme — sooner or later I will eat at your restaurant and partake of the yummy breakfasts I have heard so much about. I will. I will.

More: Have you discovered breakfast at the Wild Thyme? – Eugene – Springfield – Dining and restaurant guide (why no, I haven’t, but dangit I’m trying!)

4 thoughts on “The Elusive Wild Thyme of Eugene”

  1. what I don’t get is why a breakfast place is closed on Sundays. isn’t that a great day for business? I never have time for brekkie on the weekdays (well, erm, I suppose I do now on my two days off), but weekends are usually a great time to go out for most.

  2. I worked at the wild thyme for three years, and it is definetly worth going back for. I can tell you he owners work 6 days out of the week, and save sundays to be with their kids. She bakes and helps on the floor, he cooks. Some of the best people and food are in that little space. Keep trying.

  3. Thanks Mel. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the food, just haven’t gotten to partake properly myself. Soon though, especially after your comment has put Wild Thyme back in m’ mind.
    That’s good they make sure to take that day for family. Makes me want to go there all the more.


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