Reading at Rumi

Elf, with sufi and espressoIt’s been ages since I got on the mic… but I guess that’s about to change. Got in touch with the organizer for next week’s Rumi read, and asked if she still needed readers. Turned out she did, so I’m off to Perugino to listen to Irish music whilst reading through … Read more


Posted by Anthony St. Clair on oneword August 31, 2005 06:21 AMIt could be nothing but Shrek quotes, or reflections on Grandma’s cooking. It could be bitching about weight, or whether it is superior to pie. It could be angel food or devil’s food, and if anything was to be said about cake, that would … Read more


Posted by Anthony St. Clair on oneword August 30, 2005 06:21 AMHand on the handlebars and "novice" tapping in his head, he still threw a leg over, got settled in his seat. He gulped and turned the key, hit the starter – he felt the small roar before he heard it, and novice or not, … Read more

Rumi celebration at Luna, Sept. 7

From Marietta, Mistress of Eugene Slam: Poetry at LUNA: A Celebration of the Poetry of Rumi Date: Wed. Sept.7th 2005 Time: 8-10pm, 7:30 Sign-Up for Open Mic Location: LUNA is located at 30 E.Broadway next to Adam’s Place Restaurant Cover: $3-$5 Sliding Scale IF YOU ARE A LOVER OF RUMI interested in being one of … Read more


Posted by Anthony St. Clair on oneword August 29, 2005 06:06 AMNever much for ceremony, but the ritual of the mango was one he turned out for year after year. Right along with the ceremony of the winged stuffed dragon on the pit, in honor of the great god Sanctimorium, the week before the pig … Read more

John Day Fossil Beds

Some of the world’s best-preserved fossils are in the Oregonian’s backyard: Link: John Day Fossil Beds – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA. "The fossil beds of this national monument contain a rare continuum of 50 million years of plant and animal history, compared with 2 million or 3 million years at better-known fossil beds."

Recipe for a great Eugene weekend

Friday Dinner at Tasty Thai Kitchen Chat for way too long, therefore missing the Last Friday Art Walk (whoops) Run over to MoonRay Imaging and ogle photographs Pint of Ruby Ale at McMenamin’s High Street Ponder road trips to/through Central Oregon Saturday Be very very lazy all day Interrupt laziness with brief foray to the … Read more

The elf is endorsed

Hide the women.Friday afternoon, about 4:30. There’s a DMV Express office near, well, my office, so I swing by to get my motorcycle endorsement. "You’ve already taken the tests?" the woman at the counter asks. "I completed the Team Oregon course," I reply. "Oh." She takes my application, my current license and my Team Oregon … Read more

Team Oregon motorcycle program is tops in the U.S.

TEAM Oregon’s training is best in the U.S.: Not only was I psyched that there is motorcycle training available in both a classroom and controlled-range setting, but also that the training I could get is the best in the whole bloody country: Link: Oregon motorcycle program is tops: Corvallis Gazette-Times :. Archives.   "Oregon scored … Read more