Month: August 2005

The Vodkatrain of Russia, Mongolia & China

Give a "hearty kick up the ass" to traditional tours, with a Trans Siberian andTrans Mongolian Railway journeys for young travellers between 18 and 35: Vodkatrain Thanks Ging — at least I know you’re in good hands during the holidays 🙂  This is going in my "when I can get away for more than a … Read More


Posted by Anthony St. Clair on oneword August 2, 2005 05:58 AMHow small the world was amazed him with every flip of a passport page. Talking about different countries as casually as one would talk about going to the store for milk – rattling off different foods, beers, temples, like they were neighbors… There was … Read More

Switch VI: Widgets so far

Got Mac OS X Tiger? Then you’ve got Dashboard. Dashboard lets you install "widgets" that do everything from track flights to help you maintain your calendar. I’ve been getting into these, not too crazy, but here’s the AntSaint Mango Dashboard: AccuWeather (set for Eugene, with 6-day forecast) Astronomy Picture of the Day (space nut. have … Read More

Comedy of Errors in Amazon Park

Down the block BardAugust in Eugene also means free Shakespeare. From 6pm Saturday, Aug. 6, and running Saturdays and Sundays through the end of the month, you can bring a picnic to the park and sit and watch a pretty darn funny bit o’ Shakespeare comedy. I’ll definitely be there — the park’s only a … Read More

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