The elf is endorsed

Hide the women.
Friday afternoon, about 4:30. There’s a DMV Express office near, well, my office, so I swing by to get my motorcycle endorsement.

"You’ve already taken the tests?" the woman at the counter asks.

"I completed the Team Oregon course," I reply.

"Oh." She takes my application, my current license and my Team Oregon completion card. $74 dollars, a quick vision test, a photo-that-actually-looks-like-me and 10 minutes later, I walk out with an 8-year motorcycle endorsement on my license.

The elf can now legally ride motorcycles. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

4 thoughts on “The elf is endorsed”

  1. Thanks!
    The gear is all part and parcel. I’ve started requesting catalogs (just got my JC Whitney, and Aerostitch should be here soon). To get me going, I’m checking prices – but I may just nip to Goodwill and get something denim or leather, nice and cheap, there, until I settle on what I want to shell out some coin for. Helmet-wise I’ll be splurging a bit, but naturally that’s not something you skimp on.
    I have some gloves that’ll do for the moment, but I’ll be looking at proper motorcycling gloves too…
    That reminds me, there’s a gear post I need to get up here – I’ve gotta sort that out.
    Any gear/ vendor suggestions?

  2. Give these folks a ring:
    They are up in Albany. The website is not current and doesn’t include all of their gear, so you have to take a trip to see what they gots. They probably have the best overall gear selection in the south Willamette valley.
    McAuliflower and I have had great experiences with them, and have been recommended to see them from multiple parties. They are good people who really know and care about what they are doing. Give yourself time to go through things a bit.
    In town, don’t overlook Discount Motorcycle Parts. They try to keep a good selection in stock and more importantly are very willing to help you make a good purchasing decision. They know more about their goods than the folks at the factory dealer with the big glossy showroom here in town, and will make you happy with your purchase.
    Finally, the Team Oregon folks just cannot have had the time to give you enough information to fit a helmet properly. If you don’t fit it properly, it won’t save your pudding. Each brand and style has a slightly different shape. Don’t be a brand snob and really explore the options. Price doesn’t wholely correlate to how happy you will be wearing it. Don’t settle quickly and work with someone who really wants to fit you properly. I didn’t do this, and dropped a couple hundred on gear that I didn’t like a month later and wasn’t safe in. That gear has been retired, thankfully, but it took longer.
    McAuliflower had the best possible experience in fitting her shiney new lid: we brought an experienced friend with us to a big glassy factory dealer’s gear emporium in the Puddle Town area and she guided McAuliflower through the experience with an objective and knowledgable eye.
    Good luck.


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