Month: September 2005

Smuttyville IPA

Found this at Sumdat Market, whilst hunting up interesting brews so I could get my esoteric beer fix on. Smuttyville’s a pretty standard IPA, nice butterscotch color and familiar balanced hoppy flavor. Between the name and the two old farts on the label, I couldn’t pass it up. The packaging and the title make it … Read More

Gimme Sumdat – downtown Roanoke, VA

I’ve always had a soft spot for downtown Roanoke’s market. The city actually has a pretty cool downtown, and anytime I’m in Roanoke, I always hit Sumdat Market for quite possibly the best beer selection in town. Sumdat also has an excellent wine selection, and both in the store and on the sidewalk outside you … Read More

Writers and outlining

Angela: "I used to be in the no-outline camp, until I realized that an effective outline helps you to write MORE and saves writing multiple drafts." Hmmm, that’s advice I just may have to take, as there’s a certain something I’m kicking around for later this year. Also, Mac writers/users check out this OmniOutliner program … Read More

Mac Download of the Day: MenuCalendarClock

Just added this to Mango. One feature of Windows that I have always liked, is the calendar clickable from the time/date bit in the status bar, but there was no real Mac equivalent. This makes it so for me: MenuCalendarClock – instant calendar and clock Via: Download of the Day: MenuCalendarClock : Lifehacker.

Green Dolphin Blues – downtown Roanoke, VA

What? Open-mic bluesWhen? Tuesday nights from, I dunno, 8 or 9 onwardsWhere? Near the corner of Campbell Avenue and Williamson Road, downtown Roanoke, VABooze? Mixed and beer; I recommend the IPA, even though the staff thought a certain Oregon beer snob was nuts when he asked where it was fromWatch for… the electric organ player. … Read More

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