2 great financial tips

I’m a bit of a tightwad, so anything about saving money and using it wisely appeals to me. Here are two tips I saw a while back, that caught my eye. You might find them useful, especially if you have kids. Even if they’re little, setting up some sort of long-term account like an IRA is something you might not have considered, but it’s a darn good idea:

Sound Money Tips » Tip for opening Roth IRAs for your kids
"If your child earns money from a summer of after-school job he or she can deposit up to $4,000 a year of those earnings into a Roth IRA account. After five years of tax-free growth your child can either make penalty-free withdrawals for college or begin accumulating money for retirement."

Sound Money Tips » Tip for avoiding inheritance tax
"For many inheritance tax is a major issue. It forces you to hand over a substantial portion of your savings to the government that would otherwise go to your children. Here is one way to shelter your hard-earned money from the government and also give you some personal satisfaction in the process"

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