Gimme Sumdat – downtown Roanoke, VA

I’ve always had a soft spot for downtown Roanoke’s market. The city actually has a pretty cool downtown, and anytime I’m in Roanoke, I always hit Sumdat Market for quite possibly the best beer selection in town.

Sumdat also has an excellent wine selection, and both in the store and on the sidewalk outside you can find fresh produce from around the region.

Some of the goodies I’ve found there range from Oregon brews such as Rogue beers, Virginia and other East Coast microbrews, and English and European beers, including…

  • Young’s Double Chocolate Stout
  • Old Dominion Ale
  • Hoegaarden
  • Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale
  • Rogue… well, most of their line
  • Smuttynose IPA (currently being sipped while tapping this up at me mum’s hoose)

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