Green Dolphin Blues – downtown Roanoke, VA

What? Open-mic blues
When? Tuesday nights from, I dunno, 8 or 9 onwards
Where? Near the corner of Campbell Avenue and Williamson Road, downtown Roanoke, VA
Booze? Mixed and beer; I recommend the IPA, even though the staff thought a certain Oregon beer snob was nuts when he asked where it was from
Watch for… the electric organ player. I swear this man’s channeling a techno-gospeled-up version of Ray Charles.

Tuesday night’s at Roanoke’s Green Dolphin, you can stop in for an IPA and some open-mic blues. A few lads play through the night, and mix it up with folks who stroll in, sign up and throw down.

I tried to sip a Maine IPA while my jaw kept dropping during the blazing playing of an electric organ player. I think his name was James; his hands moved faster than my eyes could track – imagine a hummingbird on a few espressos, and you’d have the idea.

There were saxophones and harmonicas, mad drumming and some absolute wailing guitar. As my aunt Tracy put it when I said they were "damn good," "you bet they are — your favorite aunt knows her shit."

Damn right. The Green Dolphin is another place I could easily see in Eugene. It made for a great evening out with my family — amidst a crowd ranging from college kids to retirees — and I’m sure that should I come back this way again, I’ll be stopping in for some more blues at the Green Dolphin.

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