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  1. Not a dumb question at all. On the one hand, they’re just mp3 files, like music you’d download. Subscribing to a podcast is like subscribing to a website’s feed – your service (such as iTunes) will check now and again for updates. When there are, it will download them and you can play them at your leisure.
    Make more sense?
    If you’ve updated iTunes 5.0 and up, that supports podcasts – that’s what I’m using for all my listening now.

  2. makes more sense. but do you pay for podcasts? are there some you do pay for and some you don’t? how does the pay structure work?
    also, how exactly do you subscribe to it? I guess there’s a function for that in itunes, eh?

  3. All the ones I’ve seen are free. There may be some that charge, but I haven’t seen them. If they’re out there, then I’d guess they’re going through a service like iTunes, where a charge would be displayed.
    There is a function in iTunes for subscribing – just head to the Podcasts section of the Music Store, and you’ll see it. You can also get individual episodes, to try before you subcribe.

  4. They’re a lot of fun. I’ve gotten to take in so much different programming, thanks to podcasts. The nice part, too, is also that you can put them on your ipod just like music, so you can listen to them at your leisure.


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