Month: October 2005

Nano panic, II

Panic is an excess of nervous energy, misdirected throughout the body and mind. The main things here, are "energy" and "misdirected". So tonight I’ve been taking all my panic energy, and putting it into character development and plot and setting outlines. The biggest part is the characters; the plot is pretty simple, but the characters … Read More

Eugene slam season kicks off tonight

Tonight is the first slam of the Eugene slam season! When: 7:30-8 (signups); 8pm, slamWhere: Flamingo, 164 W. BroadwayHow much: $5Feature: Steve Larkin There has been a lot of momentum going on the Eugene poetry scene during the off-season. There’s a fresh new website for all things Eugene slam, heaps of events planned, and even … Read More


Posted by Anthony St. Clair on oneword October 21, 2005 04:16 PMShe passed the turkey, then picked up a roll. “This is the last time we will ever meet like this,” she said. There was nothing but the sound of silver clattering on china. All eyes turned to her. “What?” everyone said. All oneword entries … Read More

Cider With A Kick: The fermented apple drink makes a comeback

Ah, cider. No, not apple juice. And not that 2-liters-for-90-pence stuff you can swill in the UK. But proper, craft cider, is enjoying a comeback. Looking at the sky outside, it’s also time to enjoy a bottle of something apply and local. Link: Cider With A Kick: The fermented apple drink makes a comeback – … Read More

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